How to Lead With Purpose and Inspire New Levels of Success

Most organizations have a mission statement. But it’s rare that everyone in an organization lives and breathes its purpose.

When your team members aren’t aligned around a powerful purpose, you’ll have a hard time standing out from the competition, reaching your goals and driving results. This type of purpose goes far beyond a standard corporate mission.

In my hundreds of interviews with senior business leaders, less than 20% of them know their life purpose. How can your team members commit to your organization’s purpose if they aren’t aware of their own life purpose?

Attempting to craft a mission with people who have not clearly defined their own results is a weak and uninspiring philosophy. How can your mission be meaningful, if those building it have no clue about what they are on planet Earth to do?

How to Find Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is your core essence, your mantra, your code, your guiding principle or your personal reason for being. Uncovering your purpose and creating a game plan to achieve it can turn your life and the spirit of your organization around.

People who have clearly identified their life purpose are happier, healthier, live longer and earn more money. Here are three questions you can ask to find your life purpose:

  1. What excited you the most as a kid?
  2. What would you want your friends, family and colleagues to say about you on your 85th birthday?
  3. What are you the most proud of in your life?

If you’re stuck, here are some examples for inspiration:

  • A leading investigative reporter: “To uncover the truth”
  • A prolific doctor: “Help people live a better life”
  • A champion golfer: “To enjoy the game”
  • A successful turnaround leader: “Enable harmony”

My own life purpose is “To help people realize their potential”. I strive to live by this creed in my work, with my family, for my friends and with all those I come into contact with.

3 Keys to a Purpose-Driven Organization

According to Insights 2020 research, organizations that “over-perform” in terms of revenue growth link everything that they do to a clearly defined purpose.

This study conducted 325 interviews and surveyed responses from 10,000 participants in 60 countries. Its findings were supported by LinkedIn, The Wharton School, the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), ESOMAR, Kantar and Korn Ferry.

Here are three steps to aligning your team around a shared purpose:

1. Start with the leader.

Creating and working towards a powerful purpose is your highest responsibility as a leader. When your life purpose aligns with your organization, amazing things will happen.

It’s often easier for entrepreneurs to align their life purpose with their mission. It can be challenging if you work in a corporate environment. No matter your organization, having someone experienced in helping you uncover your purpose and aligning it with the enterprise will enable you to achieve transformative results.

Many lesser leaders fear this type of soul searching. However, finding your life purpose will make you a stronger, more inspiring and engaging leader. You’ll keep your team focused, inspired and moving ahead. Being an exceptional leader isn’t just about getting people to do things. It’s about engaging your team’s spirit and passion. For your organization to thrive, you must not only determine your purpose but also help others on your team to find their purpose. Then, you can align everyone around a shared passion and spirit.

2. Revisit your mission.

Once everyone on your leadership team is clear on their life purpose, you can develop or revisit your company mission. Does your current mission statement reflect where you want to go? Does it truly inspire people? If not, you will need to rewrite your mission. You’ll likely craft one that is much more powerful than the one you had before.

3. Hire the right team.

Your company mission will lack integrity if your team doesn’t align around it. You may need to let some people go if they are holding you back from living your mission that is consistent with their own. Think of your purposes as overlapping circles. The more your circles overlap, the stronger your organization.

Winning leaders and teams share a common spirit. Aligning this spirit creates a powerful, collaborative and interconnected group of people who meld with one another to achieve inspiring results.


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