Motivating. Rejuvenating. Liberating.

Help create that initial spark towards meaningful change in your organization with an engaging and interactive presentation by TeamWorks’ President, Max Carbone.

Based on our successful leadership and team models, Max’s On Purpose mantra inspires leaders and teams to rethink entrenched work habits and unite under a common vision for greater success. 

Ideal for business leaders, professionals and partnerships, entrepreneurs, government leaders and anyone seeking to live their most purposeful life.

The Power of Purpose

There is a you in unity.

When a company’s team members are On Purpose, they’re leaders in their own right, united by a common reason for being. Shared values, open communication and a dedication to the company’s success make work-life more rewarding. 

But, becoming an On Purpose team player isn’t a skill that happens by chance. It requires introspection and self-awareness against a backdrop of the bigger picture and an understanding of why, where, how and they fit best.

This highly interactive and dynamic workshop helps each individual recognize their most powerful innate skills and develop an On Purpose vision for their life. What’s an On Purpose Vision? It’s an individual’s core essence – their mantra, code, guiding principle and ultimate reason for being.

Through Max’s hands-on self-discovery methods, each participant will conduct a strategic analysis of their life and mindset. By the end of the workshop they will walk away with a powerful On Purpose vision for their life and greater clarity on how their vision aligns with that of your organization.

Inspire your team to live a life – On Purpose.

Format: ½ Day Workshop

All programs are customized to your specific industry, business model and team dynamic.

On Purpose Leadership

Unite passion. Produce results.

Most organizations have a mission statement. But it’s rare that everyone in an organization lives and breathes on purpose.

When a leader and their organization is On Purpose it’s focused, determined and driven. The vision is clear, the mission articulated and the goals within reach. This type of purpose goes far beyond a standard corporate mission and produces results that are unparalleled.

During this fun and informative keynote, Max shares stories and statistics about the transformational power of On Purpose leadership in today’s competitive marketplace.

By sharing his unique approach to strategic planning, leaders will walk away with powerful tools and develop a clear passion and purpose that can be articulated throughout the organization.

Get on the road to leading On Purpose today!

Format: 45 - 75min Keynote

All programs are customized to your specific industry, business model and team dynamic.

Max Carbone

President & Founder

Max Carbone passionately believes in the power of change. He sees the strategic exploration of change as an emancipating first step towards over-achievement, both on a personal and corporate level. Embracing change and always looking forward is the first step towards developing an On Purpose mindset, the foundation of which is the core belief of TeamWorks – his one true business passion.